Amla, or the Indian Gooseberry, is known for the multitude of benefits it offers your hair and scalp. This edible fruit of the Myrobalan-tree, mainly seen in India and Burma, is known to have an abundance of tannins and vitamin C. It is a rich source of antioxidants, and also contains kaempferol, flavonoids, and gallic acid, all of which help enhance hair texture.

Reetha or Sapindus Mukorossi is an important Ayurvedic medicinal herb that is used for strengthening of hair and fair complexion. Reetha or Sapindus Mukorossi is found from temperate to tropical region. Its dried fruit is used as shampoo and soaps. Reetha is an excellent cleanser and shows a very cool effect on the hair skin.

Shikakai is the grandmother’s beauty treatment. It adds shine and softness, fights dandruff, gives stronger & thicker hair among others, prevents a dry scalp, delays grey hair, removes hair lice, heals minor wounds, soothes head and gently detangles hairs.

Amla, Reetha, Shikakai Soap Bar

  • 1. Hair Growth

    2. Hair Shine

    3. Almond oil will nourishes and moisturize hair