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Homemade Soap


Go Natural

Organic Herbal Soap

Hand-crafted with 100% real Kesar & badam and other handpicked natural ingredients. It protects skin from sunburn, nourishes skin, prevents aging, lightens skin tone, treats dull skin & tones skin as well. Recommended for daily use.

I Love you

Kids Soap

Packed with antioxidants, these soaps will nourish and moisturizes, calm and clean sensitive kids and babies skin. These antitoxic handmade soaps are perfect for little one hands.   Add more fun in bath time with silly and funny shapes and design while providing a natural and delicious smell environment.

Tatvika Organic Soaps

Fascinating Soap 

These soaps are perfect for a gift. Natural and Organic soap reveals lovely & energetic feeling. All soaps are crafted with essential oils such as Almond and Olive oil which acts wonderfully for the skin. Exotic aroma will surprise your loved one.

Tatvika orgnaic kids soaps
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Our best seller includes but not limited to Kesar Badam, Aloe Vera & Neem, Rose Milk, Ubtan, Orange Zest Bar & Honey Moon Bar.

We always keep challenging our team to keep the user always excited.  We have created soaps to reduce your daily basic skin time by using our herbal products.  and aim to deliver all the authentic natural and herbal beauty products at the doorstep.

Naturally Simple

We use hot press procedure to create our soaps. We take care that every ingredient give its full flavor and effect in the soaps. Our uniqueness reflects in our product's quality, lots of varieties, and organic packing. We ensure that our products give you the soothing and real experience for which the product is intended for. 

Tatvika organic Soap Bars

The skin protects us from everything. It is the gateway to our whole body and there always arise the need to keep it pure. We have materialized this concept into our soaps which helps to soothe the mind and soul. We are using 100% natural ingredients. These soaps will not produce any foam which is the sign for no chemicals. Own it now and discover a new level of luxury.