Frequently asked questions

What Makes Tatvika Unique?

If we compare from Patanjali: In the Soap of 100 gm, Patanjali's Soaps contains less than 1 gram (1%) of Herbal ingredients whereas Tatvika's Soaps contains herbal ingredients more than 90% of Soaps weight. If we compare from Kama Ayurveda: We have different varieties of soaps with mixtures of two or more herbal ingredients, all of them are scientifically tested in labs with proven benefits. As a result, Tatvika's soap bars becomes more effective and results in getting the purest skin with natural ingredients.

How do we ensure Tatvika's soap Quality?

Tatvika uses best quality ingredients for all soap bars. We are in process of introducing sample soaps where by merely paying a small amount, you can try best handmade soaps and we assure that you will definately get fastinated. Go to the link: Kesar & Badam Soap Bar - Sample

Can we order in Bulk?

Yes, Please email us at info.tatvika@gmail.com or call us on our mobile. We will specially handle the order and quote the best price in both's interest.

Is there a discount on repeat purchase?

Yes, Everytime any customer purchases from our store, we give a personalized coupon code to that customer. More you will purchase, the better and different benefits you will grab from us.

Can I return my recent purchase?

We dont refund the purchases. However, in case of any issues you can call us or write us @info.tatvika@gmail.com, we will try our best to resolve the issues. Check our return policy for further details.