About US


"Tatvika" is the 100% real & original handmade beauty soap bars. We seek to delight you with the beauty products that you love. Tatvika is brought into existence to treat you with 100% real and natural products delivered at your doorstep.

Everyone loves nature and natural herbs, it is beautiful and healthy. Our team is working to protect your skin by using organic and herbal products in our soaps. We are strictly against using any chemical products such as Lye which are harmful to your skin and can dry your skin with regular use. Our mission is to keep everyone's skin healthy, moisturized and clean. We encourage you to be yourself and be expressive in your unique way. After all, you are already beautiful.








Sonia is a professionally certified organic soap maker. Originally she learned hot press soap technique for her own skin and family's skin. Eventually, she decided to expand her idea to friends and you. She creates each soap by hand in small batches with love and care. She understands almost all skin needs as she lives in a big family; is a  daughter, sister, wife, and mother.  Apart from soap, she runs other small businesses such as a wedding, gift and trousseau packing. Her personal favorite is the Multani Mitti Soap bar which acts as a natural scrub to moisturize your skin. 





Ankit has grown up in a business family where the new strategies were the dinner table conversations. Hence he has brought to our morning table a fresh approach of organic handmade soaps. He is part of the Tatvika's team since inception and gained immense experience in the area. Professionally he is a Chartered Accountant in MNC. He is working hard to ensure correctness and readiness of our company, managing the overall business. He is creative and passionate about freshness. In his free time, he follows Cricket and loves to play as well - he is an active member of a local community.





Shikha has been passionate about technology her whole life and has spent almost 12 years with the technology industry. She is inspired by ever-changing technology and started working for enriched customer experience. She has traveled to many countries, hence understanding different region client needs. She has implemented her immense industry knowledge and experience on our website. She is on a mission to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.